Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shiner 102

The good thing about being in Texas this week is that periodically I can find a good Texas beer.  It is surprisingly hard to find much other than the mass produced Buds, Millers and Coors down here.  I still can't believe that most restaurants have little beyond the big beers and potentially Corona and Dos Equis.

However, i was able to find some Shiner 102 tonight.  102 is Shiners 102nd Anniversary beer, and it would probably be classified as a light American wheat, although they choose to call it a "Double Wheat" since it is a wheat hybrid beer.  The professionals at Beer Advocate rated it at a 72, but the user reviews are comming in considerably lower.  Over at Rate Beer it came in as considerably below par, barely breaking 50 for the style and receiving a low 30's rating as a beer.

But before I move on...

Here is what they say about thier beer: Our Double Wheat features a malt base containing 50% Wheat. The wheat variety is Brundage, a soft white winter wheat released in 1997 by the Idaho AES. Double Wheat is a hybrid style which falls between a wheat beer and a wheat wine. Shiner 102 is an American style filtered double wheat ale, lightly hopped with aromatic Czech Saaz and WA Golding hop.

And what I say:  Well, it has a nice wheaty flavor that I certainly look for in American Wheat Beers.  It seems to pour somewhere between orange and tan, however it is extremely hard to tell because I am pouring into a white paper cup (classy) since that's all the hotel has.  It has a nice white head that has considerable retention, something that runs counter to the reviews at the two beer sites.  However the head appeared to pour thick and stayed around for a considerably long time.  As far as aroma, it has a very mild scent and even after swirling I get little more than a light bready scent.  For flavor, I definitely would depart from the beer site reviews. I think it is a refreshing Ameircan Wheat that has decent linger, although it is medium to low bodied.  It is surprisingly sweet, but not cloyingly so and is definitely something that would make a nice post-yard work beer.

It is definitely not a winter beer, but then again here in Southern Texas winter is just as likely to be 85 as it is to be 40, so its all good.  I would drink it again, in fact I still have a few bottles sitting in the room fridge since the restaurants will only be serving Bud, and I can't bring myself to drink that.

Well, That's all for this post, Happy Drinking!

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