Sunday, January 29, 2012

Special ordering and Woodman's Oak Creek

Unfortunately I cannot count the number of times my usual liquor store has failed to cue me into my special orders arriving.
A few highlights.

When I special ordered Founder's Blushing Monk this past spring Woodman's not only didn't let me know when my beer came in, they proceeded to sell off the entire case that they received before letting me know that they even received it.  Fortunately the nice people at G. Groppi's Food Market in Bayview (excellent beer selection) had 4 bottles on hand, and they let me procure all 4, YAY!!

Most recently, as in today I arrive at their store to look for Ommegang Seduction.  Now I asked them to hold 4 bottles of it for me back in December and yes, for those of you in the know they should have had it in stock back at the beginning of January according to the Ommegang Brewery.  I urgently checked thier store repeatedly through out the month and found time and time again that they either did not have it in stock or had already sold through thier shipment.  So I arrive today and finally see that it is stocked so being a considerate consumer I walked up to the desk to check and see if they had any held behind the counter for me, having made the request and all.  What do I find though?? Nothing.  They didn't hold anything aside, but fortunately I was able to pull all four bottles from the cooler.

It turns out that the young lady who handled the beer ordering is no longer employed by Woodman's and for some reason no one else who works in their liquor store has even attempted to look into the special ordering of beer/liquor/wine through the distributor.  So, upon finding that out, I inquired if they needed a new beer buyer.  However, they do not hire someone in to that position, they only hire someone on as a bagger.  So I guess here's to hoping that a somewhat competent beer buyer takes over where the last one left off because they are seriously in need of someone who has some level of knowledge about the products they carry and are willing to at least show some semblance of interest in customer service.

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