Wednesday, May 23, 2012

High Speed Wit – Lowlands Brewing

                One of my favorite restaurants in the Milwaukee area is Café Centraal in Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood.  Centraal and the other restaurants owned by the Lowlands Group are known for having excellent Belgian inspired food paired with a wide selection of over 122 Belgian and Belgian style beers at the Centraal location alone.  About a year ago, the Lowlands Group rolled out three exclusive beers developed through a partnership with Brouwerij Van Steenberge in Ertvelde, Belgium.  The three beers are: Confession Grand Cru (9% ABV), High Speed Wit (5% ABV) and Tandem Dubbel (7% ABV).  I have had each of the three beers in the past, but keep coming back to the High Speed Wit.

They say:

                Robust and round witbier with flavors of orange, lemon and yeast and a touch of cinnamon and an almost earthy, nutty element.  Has a bit of creaminess and just the right amount of zing. 5% ABV

I say:

The High Speed Wit pours peach in color with a foamy white head that has excellent retention.  It is very cloudy, to the point of becoming opaque, making it the cloudiest Wit that I think I have ever had.  The citrus and bready yeast and wheat aromas combine to form an aroma that is reminiscent of an Orange Dreamsicle.  The flavors are slightly citrus with almost imperceptible earthy cinnamon notes, backed up by a creaminess from the wheat starches left over from fermentation and the yeast.  Highspeed Wit is medium bodied with moderate to high carbonation levels It does not finish as dry as many Witbiers, nor is it as tart, however it remains a very drinkable example of the style.

                The High Speed Wit is a very good beer, that pairs wonderfully with any of the lighter foods on Café Centraal’s menu.  If you are unable to make it to Café Centraal in Bayview be sure to stop by one of the other Lowlands Group restaurants: Trocadero on Water Street in downtown Milwaukee, Café Benelux in the Third Ward, or Café Hollander at either of its two locations: Wauwatosa or Milwaukee’s east side.  If you are not in the Milwaukee area and don’t plan to visit you will likely be unable to try one of their three exclusive Belgian beers.

                That’s all for today, check back on Friday for a post on Yeast Hoist (St. Sebastiaan Golden Ale) from Brewerij Starkens in Meer, Belgium.

                Happy Drinking!!!

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