Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Snowmageddon - Rahr and Sons Brewing Company

                I was recently in the Fort Worth area and had the chance to sample a limited release beer out of Rahr and Sons Brewing Company, their 2012 Snowmageddon Anniversary Ale.  The Snowmageddon commemorates the anniversary of the 2010 roof callapse of the brewery that shut down the brewery from February 12th until mid-July and the brew house didn’t open to the public again until September 8th.  Many breweries would have failed if they were forced to shut down for an extended period, but some combination of insurance and perhaps the Rahr family wealth (the Rahr family grows and malts barley for brewers around the country) allowed Rahr Brewing to come back stronger than they were prior to the unexpected shut down.  In fact, they turned the anniversary into an annual party to honor everyone who helped them re-open.  The Rahr Brewery does an excellent job filling the DFW area with great, local craft beer. 

                Snowmageddon (Oatmeal Imperial Stout) weighs in at 10% ABV.  On Beeradvocate it currently has an 82, on ratebeer it has a 96 overall and a 48 for style.  So, on to the review of the 2012 Snowmageddon Anniversary Ale

They say:

                February 11, 2010 – cold dark and snowing. Not any ordinary snow – but instead a heavy, mean, ugly snow that spilled over the brewery. Leaving the brewery that late evening – who would have known there would be no brewery that next morning. February 12, 2010 – awoke to the sounds of twisted metal, gushing water and alarms as tons of snow came crashing down through the roof and into the brewery. We tried to save what we could and accept the loss of what we could not. As the day waned, through many a friends helping hands, a new beginning was forming. This was not the end, but alas a start to something new and wonderful. Snowmageddon is a tribute to those who stood by and supported the rebuild of Rahr and Sons Brewery. Hard work, dedication, love and passion for brewing is what makes this late winter selection so special. Snowmageddon is a limited release available annually in late February to celebrate the rebirth of a brewery. Snowmageddon will be an annual limited release, with the style changing from year to year. This first year is an imperial oatmeal stout, based on a winning recipe by a local homebrewer.

I say:

                Snowmaggeddon has an impressive pour; it is an opaque black with a nice thick, light brown, creamy head.  The aroma is exceptionally sweet, chocolaty and malty with a very slight alcohol finish that betrays the otherwise indistinguishable 10% ABV.  The flavor is sweet, and chocolaty with coffee and subtle whiskey notes, leading me to believe this might be barrel aged, although there is nothing in the official description, or through press releases that would suggest barrel aging.

                Snowmageddon 2012 is yet another excellent beer out of the DFW-area’s excellent brewery!  Check out the 2013 release next year if you can find a bottle!!

                That’s all for tonight, come back in the next couple days for a write-up on Ghost Face Killah from Twisted Pine Brewery!  Happy Drinking!

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