Monday, June 11, 2012

Cut Throat Pale Ale – Finch’s Beer Co.

                I picked up a bottle of Cut Throat Pale Ale from Finch's Beer Co. a couple weeks ago at Three Cellars, and was lucky enough to find it in a bomber instead of the usual 4-pack of cans.  Don’t get me wrong, I love canned craft beer, but I also love having an additional empty bottle for home brewing.  As with my previous reviews of Finch’s Beer, I contacted Charlie Davis for additional information on all things having to do with Cut Throat and he did not disappoint.  Even though it was late on Saturday night when I sent out my request for information his response was waiting for me on Sunday.  A quick weekend response, now that is dedication!

                I don’t think Finch’s always gets the credit that is due to them, especially on a couple of the popular beer review sites where they are attacked for making beers that are accessible to the masses as though every new craft beer should be as exotic as possible.  They have been lucky enough to have explosive growth and more importantly, they are doing a great job keeping up with their ever-increasing popularity.  Finch’s shows that Americans are craving craft beer and more Americans drinking craft beer is always a good thing.  Finch’s makes quality beers, and that is what America needs more of.  On to the review:

                On Beeradvocate, Cut Throat has a 78.  Over at ratebeer it has an 84 overall and an 83 for style.

Charlie says:

                Finch's Pale Ale is a refreshing experience from the pop of the top. Its fresh and hoppy taste with just enough supporting malt makes it easy to kick back more than just one.

                Under the hood, our Cut Throat Pale Ale owes it’s uniqueness to both caramel and kiln amber malts plus a touch of wheat for body and head retention.  On the hop side it has a generous share of Magnum for bittering (90 min.) and Cascade for flavoring and aroma, as well as for dry hopping.

                We also toss in sweet orange peel in the final days of fermentation for that subtle citrus afterthought.

SRM: 14
ABV: 5.6%
IBU: 40
OG (P): 14.0
FG (P):  2.0 

I say:
Cut Throat pours amber/copper with an excellent creamy tan head with good retention, but no lacing.  It had an excellent aroma of sweet caramel malts, citrus/ floral hops and orange peel right out of the bottle.  As it warmed, the citrus notes became even more pronounced and enjoyable.

               The flavor was a remarkable combination of sweet malts and orange with a medium level of bitterness to compliment the malts and orange peel.  The 40 IBU level goes well with this beer, although it is not the massive hop bomb that many American Pale Ales have become, which is fine by me.

Cut Throat is medium bodied with a moderate carbonation level.  It is an excellently brewed beer that is a mighty tasty and exceptionally drinkable brew.  Heck, if I had a 4-pack of cans I happily would have drank the entire 4-pack without realizing it.  If you are in Finch’s distribution area there is no reason why you shouldn’t run out and grab some, ASAP.  The hot months are upon us and the combination of caramel malts, citrus/floral hoppiness and orange peel make this a must drink for the summer!

That’s all for today, check back Wednesday for a review on Cain’s Finest Bitter.

Happy Drinking!!

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