Friday, June 29, 2012

Sweet Action – Sixpoint Craft Ales

                So, this post on Sweet Action is the third and final post for Sixpoint Craft Ales week.  Don’t get me wrong, this certainly is not the last post that I will do on a Sixpoint brew, their beers are too delicious.  Heck, once I get a more solid footing and/or following, I hope to do a series of interviews with Master Brewers and founders.  I hope that Mr. Welch will be one of the first when the time comes.

On to the review:

                On Beeradvocate Sweet Action currently has a score of 88 with a 98 from the Bros.  Over at ratebeer it has an 82 overall and a 100 for style.

They say: 
"Have you tried Sixpoint Sweet Action?"

These are the words that have been whispered between cupped hands in bars of New York. This grass roots phenomenon has now blossomed into a citywide force of recognition for this unique and mysterious brew.

What is Sixpoint Sweet Action?

Sweet Action is an idea, a concept. It is a simple representation of what makes beer great—the marriage of barley and hops, in a harmonious balance for your mind, body, and soul. The experience is transcendental. You must experience it yourself.

Sweet is from barley malt—maltose—the sugar that coats your tongue like honey and reminds you of the sweet, relaxed side of life.

Action is from hops—the bittering spice—the herb that brushes your palate clean with every sip and reminds you of the active, energetic side of life.

You have heard of the wonders and magic of the Legend, but have you experienced Sweet Action?

ABV - 5.2%
IBU - 34
SRM - 12

The can adds:

Ah love is bitter and sweet, but which is more sweet the bitterness or the sweetness, none has spoken it.
Sweet Action is an idea; a concept. It is the simple representation of what makes beer great – the marriage of barley and hops in a harmonious balance of sweet and bitter.

Jake (the Wisconsin sales rep) adds:

A 'hybrid' beer of sorts.  Part cream ale, part pale ale, part wheat brew.  Very complex beer with 5 different malts and 4 different hops.  Flavor profile changes throughout the sip - starts with a wheat mouthfeel, transitions to a honey sweetness, and finishes with a tropical fruit-like finish.  Easy drinking beer ... great for a hot day.  Aroma doesn't give the beer away. 

I say:

                Sweet Action is an interesting beer that doesn’t really fit into any of the current categories, it is a hybrid/specialty beer, but it isn’t really a cream ale, not quite because it’s a little too hoppy to be one.  It’s not really a wheat because wheat doesn’t play the primary role.  It isn’t quite a pale ale because it doesn’t come close to falling with in the style.  Then again, brewing is an art and the style guidelines exist primarily for judging in competitions and communicating information about a beer to the end consumer.  

                Sweet Action pours hazy amber with a very nice foamy white head that had excellent retention.  As with the Bengali Tiger, the haze looks like it is from a generous dry hop addition.  The aromas are of sweet pale malt and floral esters with a pleasant citrus and pine hop notes.

                The flavor starts strong, it is very malt forward with the pale malts and wheat making their presence known followed up with a an excellent citrusy bitterness.  I bet this beer would be excellent on tap.  This is another very drinkable beer, were it on tap at my house I would be in danger of emptying a keg over a week without even realizing it.  Sweet Action is medium bodied with moderate carbonation.

                It is another great beer from Sixpoint!  If you can find it, go out and pick up a 4-pack!

                That’s all for the day!  I am heading off to the latest Master Brewer Series brew day at Discovery World in Milwaukee! It was a b-day present from my wife!

                Happy Drinking!

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