Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sparkly Eyes – Black Husky Brewing

                Black Husky recently rolled out a new beer, Sparkly Eyes, the imperial version of their very popular beer, Sproose Joose.  As the imperial version of Sproose Joose, Sparkly Eyes is made with what else, an added dose of spruce, a larger dose of high alpha hops and of course, more malt bringing it to an astounding 10.2% ABV. Update: Courtesy of headbrewer, Tim Eichinger Sparkly Eyes is actually 10.9% ABV.
                Spruce tips work marvelously in Sproose Joose, so there is no reason they would not work just as well in Sparkly Eyes.   

                Sparkly Eyes is in reference to the Sparkly Eyes technique in the movie Men Who Stare at Goats, an excellent movie about secret CIA mind experiments.  Check after the review for the clip from "Men Who Stare at Goats" that inspired the naming.  Anyways, on to the review.

                Sparkly Eyes is too new to have a review or score on either Beeradvocate or ratebeer, but that should change as more bottles, and a kegs make it into the market.  It will surely score high though.
They say:

                The role of the New Earth Army is to resolve conflict worldwide.  One of the techniques utilized is Sparkly Eyes, which psychically gives the disinclination to attack others.  You can see Lothar practicing his technique which may be followed by non-lethal methods of conflict should Sparkly Eyes fail to be effective.  We have developed Sparkly Eyes Imperial Sproose so you too can adopt the peaceful ways of the Warrior Monk on your journet to be a Jedi of the New Earth Army.

I say:

                Sparkly Eyes pours a very hazy deep gold, with thick, creamy white head that held retention through the entire glass, and left exquisite lacing.  This was a gorgeous beer, far cloudier than Spruce Joose, perhaps due to the combined hop and spruce resins.  As with Sproose Joose, the aroma wafting from the top of Sparkly Eyes is full of spruce with a pleasant grapefruit hoppiness and a bready, slightly sweet malt character on the back end.  The combination of aromas worked in perfect harmony, almost begging me to taste this exquisite, artisanally brewed beer

                Upon my fisrst sip I was amazed how mellow the beer was.  Each of the flavors worked together to create a beer fare superior its component flavors.  It started off mellow and sweet, with pine and grapefruit notes (both the fruit and peel), balanced out by a bready, slightly sweet maltiness.  The flavor was remarkably balanced, slightly on the bitter side but not too terribly so.  The finish was crisp, piney and delicious.  Sparkly Eyes is very smooth and creamy with a medium to full body and a moderate level of carbonation that seemingly hides behind the resiny goodness of the spruce.

                This is an amazing beer, that definitely showcases the genius of adding spruce tips to a brew.  I look forward to more creativity from Tim Eichinger!

                That’s all for today, but before I sign out, check out the clip that is the namesake of this beer.

                 Check back on Friday for another new review!

                 Happy Drinking!!

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