Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Galaxy White IPA - Anchorage Brewing Company

Galaxy White IPA marks the second brew from Anchorage Brewing Company that I have had the privilege of drinking and reviewing.  Whiteout Wit set the bar pretty high for my expectations on all beers.  To check find out my thoughts on Whiteout Wit and to get some background information on the Anchorage Brewing Company, check out my earlier post.  Since my last Anchorage Brewing post there is one update, at least one that I know about.  Gabe Fletcher has hired on his first employee, which is a big milestone in itself.  Hopefully someone will correct me if my date is wrong, but around October 14, Jeremiah Boone, the former head brewer at Midnight Sun Brewery joined Gabe at Anchorage Brewing.

As with all of Gabe’s beers it is fermented in a French oak foudres before being given a healthy dose of brettanomyces to give it that signature, Anchorage Brewing Company, kick.  It is fermented with a Belgian Wit yeast and is dry hopped with Galaxy hops.  Along the way it is dry-hopped with Galaxy hops for an extra hop kick in the aroma and flavor.

On Beeradvocate Galaxy White IPA currently has a score of 90.  Over at ratebeer it has a 99 overall and a 99 for style.

They say:

Exploration and innovation have always been hallmarks of mankind. The same spirit that sent pathfinders, like Captain Cook, sailing from Britain to the shores of Australia and the rocky coastlines of Alaska animates today's trailblazers. Wherever you find a frontier, be it the Final Frontier of our Milky Way, the Last Frontier of the Great Land, or the frontiers of scientific knowledge, there you will also find dedicated men and women, taking risks to break trail for the rest of us.
One of the new trails being blazed on the frontier of beer is the style known as White India Pale Ales. Galaxy White IPA represents a significant new landmark on that trail. With its use of fresh kumquats, Indian coriander, and black peppercorns, Galaxy pays homage to the early explorers, who sailed unknown seas in search of rare spices and exotic fruits. Captain Cook travelled from Australia to Alaska, and so have the Galaxy hops used to create this adventurous brew. Just as a true explorer never stands still, the presence of brettanomyces guarantees that Galaxy White IPA will keep evolving in the bottle for years to come.

So take a step from the known into the unknown. Cross the frontier from the commonplace into the extraordinary. Be the first to gaze upon an undiscovered country and return to tell the tale to those timid souls you left behind. After all, there's an entire Galaxy waiting to be explored… 

7% ABV
50 IBUs

From Gabe Fletcher

Galaxy White IPA uses wheat and pilsner malt, 100% Galazy hops and is spiced with fresh kumquats, black peppercorn and Indian coriander. 

I Say:

Galaxy White IPA is a wonder to behold, it’s slightly hazy light golden straw color sparkles in the light and has a seemingly endless stream of champagne-like bubbles.  It is topped by a thick, rocky, brilliantly white Belgian head that held retention through the entire glass and left excellent lacing.  As beautiful as the pour is, the aroma is somehow even better.  On the front end there is a nice sweet orange aroma (kumquats) with a hint of pepper and coriander in a nod to the Belgian Wit style, followed by slight barnyard and bready sourdough notes on the back end.

The flavor is equally as complex with kumquat up front followed by pepper, coriander, a moderate level of bitterness as expected in an IPA with a very slight hint of barnyard and sourdough bread on the back end.  The brett at bottling definitely put this beer over the top, although I am sure that it would still have been an excellent White IPA without the addition of brett.

Galaxy White IPA is medium to light bodied with a moderate to high level of carbonation.  The flavor lingers between sips, but not too long and a combination of the aroma and flavor made me want to keep coming back for more.

This is another excellent beer from the Anchorage Brewing Company and I look forward to trying the rest of his lineup when I see them down here in Wisconsin.

That's all for today, check soon for an interview and another review!

Happy Drinking!!

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