Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Black Friday Imperial Black IPA – Lakefront Brewery

                With all the madness surrounding Black Friday shopping it was about time for a brewery to get involved.  On 11/23/2012 Lakefront Brewery released their limited Black Friday Imperial Black IPA to the waiting masses.  As with any black Friday sale, the line started early and outpaced demand as the beers sold out by 9:15 AM.  As with many limited release beers the demand was far greater than the supply, leading Lakefront to place a 3 bottle limit on purchases.  Having been out of the state on Thanksgiving I had resigned myself to not being able to try this latest special release beer, but was pleasantly surprised to come back from Thanksgiving and find a bottle waiting for me here in Wisconsin.

                I was planning on including a little background on Lakefront in this post, but I want to get this post out sooner rather than later, so I will do a background on Lakefront Brewery section in a future Lakefront beer review.  So, on to the review!

                Black Friday does not have enough reviews to have a score at either Beeradvocate or ratebeer.

They say:

Black Friday Imperial Black Ale combines massive dry-hopping with loads of roasted malt.  Its bold citrus and tropical fruit aroma leads to an assertive, full-flavored malt backbone with a big, juicy hop finish.  The 10% ABV will surely wake up your senses and be worth the wait.

I say:

                Black Friday poured opaque black with a thick, creamy tan head that held retention through the entire glass, and left exquisite lacing.  The aroma was full of hoppy goodness with notes of mango, papaya, strong tangerine/mineola/orange notes with subdued pine on the back end.  The malts were equally as complex adding roasted barley, and dark chocolate to the aroma.

                The flavors were very close to the aroma, but much maltier than the aroma indicated.  The tropical and citrus fruit hop notes that were strong in the aroma were definitely there in the flavor, but roasted, nutty, chocolate notes combined with malty sweetness, with a piney hop/bitter finish were more dominant.  Alcohol warmth was present throughout and it became more noticeable as the beer warmed.  Black Friday was medium to full-bodied with a moderate level of carbonation, perfect for the style.

                The Black Friday Imperial Black IPA was an excellent beer that showed of the tremendous brewing acumen of the Lakefront team.  All of their beers are top notch and they somehow found a way to raise the bar even higher with Black Friday!  It’s too bad it was such a limited release; hopefully they will release it again next year!

                That’s all for today!  Check back soon for a post on Smoke Monster from Black Husky Brewing!
                Happy Drinking!

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