Thursday, December 20, 2012

Smoke Monster – Black Husky Brewing

                Smoked beers bring back pleasant, happy memories of warm campfires, childhood camping trips, and summer camp.  I definitely enjoy a good smoked beer and I definitely have enjoyed the Black Husky beers that I have tried, so when I saw Smoke Monster was in stock, I picked up a couple bottles to enjoy during the cold winter months.

As with a few of the other beers from Black Husky, Smoke Monster seems to have a double meaning, referring both to the style, rauchbier, and perhaps the legendary “smoke monster” in “Lost”.  The big reveal of the smoke monster in Lost left a lot to be desired, but the beer definitely did not.

If you are interested in finding out more about Black Husky, check out my earlier reviews of their Hefe Weiss WheatAle, Sproose Joose and Sparkly Eyes.  On to the review

            Smoke Monster does not have reviews on either Beeradvocate or ratebeer.

They say:

Smokey is a dog not quite right in the head, some might even say insane. One of her most beloved activities is digging a deep hole in the ground and barking into it for hours on end. We aren’t quite sure what she’s looking for, but we suspect she is looking to take on the Smoke Monster. If anyone could defeat the Smoke Monster it would be Smokey, so we offer you Smoked Monster in recognition of her timeless efforts.

                Brewmaster, Tim Eichinger adds that he uses cherry wood smoked malt for the pleasant smoky aroma.

I say:

                Smoke Monster poured dark mahogany with a thick, creamy, tan head that held throughout the entire glass and left behind excellent lacing.  The aroma is full of cherry wood smoke, sweet malts, caramelized sugars and just a slight hint of spiciness.

                The flavor is of smoky and sweet caramel with vanilla and earthy notes.  The flavors blend flawlessly, making this a very enjoyably beer!  Smoke Monster is medium to full-bodied with a moderate level of carbonation.  At 9.9% ABV, the alcohol does not play a distinctive role in the in the flavor, or mouth feel.

                Smoke Monster is a very enjoyable smoked beer that further proves the brewing genius of Mr. Eichinger.  If you live in the Milwaukee area, or up near Pembine, you really should be looking for a brew from Black Husky!

                That’s all for today, check back soon for another review!

                Happy Drinking!!

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