Friday, January 4, 2013

Fascist Pig – Finch’s Beer Co.

                Almost on the heels of one Finch’s review how about another?  Fascist Pig is a cross between an Amber Ale, a Strong Ale, and a German Roggenbier (rye beer) with liberties taken on each.  Then again from Finch’s one should not expect a beer brewed strictly to any style.  They have like many of the new craft breweries on the scene sought to brew a new range of beers outside and across styles.  Perhaps it’s more a drive to create something unique than fit into the guidelines produced by others, an attempt to show off the creativity of the brew master.

                Unfortunately as with Shock and Awe, the brewers at Finch’s have become hesitant to give out additional information on their beers other than what is on the label.  However, Unlike Shock and Awe, at least a portion of the grain bill is listed, along with the hops.  You may notice though that for this beer at least Finch’s lists OG and FG in degrees Brix, as opposed to the more commonly used degrees Plato.  Without further ado, on to the review.

                Fascist Pig currently has a score of 82 on Beeradvocate.  Over at ratebeer, it has a score of 82 overall and a 38 for style.

They say:

                A deep red malt-forward ale brewed with plenty of caramel malts and a touch of rye, brewed and dry-hopped with palisade and zythos hops.

SRM: 14
IBU: 72
OG: 18.2
FG: 2.9
ABV: 8%

I say:
                Fascist Pig pours dark amber with a foamy light tan head that held moderate retention, fading after five minutes to a light ring around the edges of the glass, and left good lacing.  The aroma has hints of caramel and spicy rye notes, almost like fresh whole-grain rye bread; with the addition of subdued pine and herbal hops.

                The flavor is very similar to the aroma.  The rye spiciness is definitely apparent, although slightly tempered by the sweet caramel malts and herbal/pine hop notes.  It is a fairly complex beer that showcases the component malts and hops.  Fascist Pig is medium to full bodied with a light to moderate level of carbonation.

Variations in different glasses
                In an English pint glass, the aromas are more muted, but the head is creamier and holds retention longer.
                In a hefeweizen glass, there is considerably more herbal hop aroma, to the extent that the other aromas are almost overwhelmed.

                Fascist Pig is a good beer it is well brewed and very drinkable.  If you find it in a store near you, pick up a bottle, or a can if you can find it in cans.

                That’s all for today, have a great weekend and check back soon for another review. 

                Happy Drinking!

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