Friday, August 29, 2014

Chocolate Wheat – Badger State Brewing

                Badger State Brewing, Green Bay’s newest brewery is in the process of brewing a few test batches on their pilot system to expand their lineup a bit and branch out into beers that defy the traditional style definitions.  One such beer is the chocolate wheat, a new beer that Brewmaster Sam Yanda is working to perfect.  With craft breweries ever in the process of pushing traditional style guidelines I suppose it was only a matter of time for chocolate wheat beers to make their way onto the scene.  Since this is still an experimental brew, there may be a few changes to the recipe before it gets brewed on the new, 15 barrel system, but here are my notes.

They Say:

                According to Brewmaster Sam Yanda: Chocolate Wheat is a straight forward wheat recipe w/ chocolate malt and cocoa powder added. The mash temp is lower to give it a light body, than say a porter or stout. Real easy drinking dark beer.

I Say:

                Chocolate Wheat pours a deep, dark black with a moderately thick almost mousse-like dark tan head that holds excellent retention (although notice the radically different head formation in each of the three glasses…Yes, glass shape does matter) .  It has the look more of a stout served under nitrogen than a wheat beer with the addition of chocolate malts, the kicker being that it was poured out of a growler 3 days after it was filled.  The aroma has subtle notes of roasted barley on the front end with a hint of coffee and earthy cocoa nibs.  The earthiness transitions to a subtle smokiness and then a rich, full cocoa powder note on the back end with just a hint of vanilla.  The aroma rising off the glass was vaguely reminiscent of a high end hot chocolate.

                Enjoying the first sip, I am greeted by an extremely smooth concoction with very strong up from notes of milk chocolate with a slight hint of roasted barley.  The subtle barley notes lead the transition to a deep full, dark chocolate flavor, like an 80% chocolate truffle.  There is the slightest note of astringency, perhaps from the cocoa nibs.   The beer dries on the back end with a long lingering dark chocolate finish.  Chocolate wheat is medium bodied with a moderate level of carbonation.

                The chocolate wheat test batch from Badger State Brewing is pretty amazing beer.  The combination of the chocolate malt and cocoa nibs with a wheat beer base works surprisingly well.

                That’s all for tonight, I will get another review up next week!  Have a great weekend and Happy Drinking! 

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