Monday, November 3, 2014

Knee Deep | Hoparillo

Knee Deep Brewing Company | Hoparillo Triple IPA. Ale brewed with Amarillo , Citra , and Mosaic hops . (11.1%) 122 IBU. Placer County , CA. 

Knee Deep makes some great year round IPAs and probably one of the only breweries that really focuses on year round triple IPAs . I am a fan of huge triple IPAs , but I have yet had there quadruple IPA . 

Pour : A nice bright orange color , a slight haziness , but mostly clear . The head is around a finger worth , but dissipating to a nice rounded white lacing . Alcohol legs are strong with this beer and already I am getting a nose off this , so let's dive in . 

Aroma : A nice amount of grapefruit , citrus , and dankness . Citra hop is dominant in the front , then leading into caramel , cracker malt , and a pop of pine and mango . At 11.1% the alcohol is present in this beer as it should be. It smells great though . 

Taste : Huge amount of bitterness and alcohol . This reminds me of a "weaker" 120 min IPA from Dogfish . Not as much alcohol fumes like the 120 min , but still present . Lots of caramel notes , pine , citrus , grapefruit peel , bread crust from the malt , and a medium full body that coats the mouth with a nice warmed-hop bitterness . It would be great on a could winter day . Very smooth , not overly bitter , but a smack in the face with a bready, boozy note . Nicely done . 

Verdict : 90/100. One of my favorite Triple IPAs to date . It's very well balanced at a high alcohol and Founders Devil Dancer was to hoppy I think and too boozy , and also had a lower abv and IBU level , but I'm not grading by that . This beer is just more balanced then the other triple IPAs I've had. Cheers !

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