Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Modern Times Brewery / Monster Park Imperial Stout aged in Rye Barrels

Modern Times Brewery | Monster Park Imperial Stout aged in Rye Barrels . (13%) San Diego, CA.

Looking forward to this limited release from Modern Times . The last    Modern Times beer I had was the other Monster Park barrel aged variation with coffee added. 

Pour : Dark black , verging on a deep  brown . Little carbonation when poured . Bubble retention was quite low . Yeah at 13% it's a huge looking barrel aged stout , almost looking identical to the coffee version I had previously . 

Aroma: Huge notes of rye and vanilla and even though I like this , it's almost to dominant . Subtle notes of dark chocolate , oats , maybe a little bit of an chocolate almond aroma as well , but lots of booze . It's almost just like the coffee version , but a little less sweet and more booze . 

Taste : Almost following the aroma exactly . Lots of rye , bourbon , and vanilla . The amount of sugary , oaky , and chocolate taste is enjoyable , but again it may be a little bit unbalanced . The mouthfeel is medium-thin , but what I like about it is that I think if it had a fuller body that all the malt and chocolate flavors would be an overkill to this beer . It's a solid offering , but I think I like the coffee one a touch better because it added a tad more complexity with more dark chocolate  and a touch more mouthfeel . 

Verdict : 88/100 . A solid offering from Modern Times and in about 6-8 months I might seek to repurchase the variants of Monster Park . Cheers !

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