Saturday, February 11, 2012

Autumnal Fire – Capital Brewery

                This is a great dopplebock from the extraordinary brewers at Capital Brewery in Midland, WI.  I had this back in September when it came fresh from the brewery was instantly impressed and wondered what it would be like after some light cellaring.  So, after five months its time to try it again and find out whether it’s worthwhile to age it further.  It received a 97 overall, 98 style on RateBeer; and a 91 on BeerAdvocate.

They say:
(website)            A blazing rich beer, this is a doppelbock based on an Octoberfest personality. Warm and intriguing, the perfect "Brandy Snifter" beer.

(Box)                     Fire is blazingly rich beer (7.8% ABV) that grows more seductive with time.  Want proof? Grab two bottles. Drink the first and watch your taste buds soar.  Next (don’t as us how), simply fight the urge to enjoy the second bottle.  Instead, date it, stash it away, and let it age as long as you can.  Legend has it that you’ll enjoy Fire even more, months later.  Most beer lovers find this a cruel test of will.  For Wisconsin natives, we love the challenge.

I say:
                Well, this beer was excellent, although it developed a slight bite after 5 months in the bottle, but I look forward to seeing how it evolves.
                It smells very malty, yeasty, fruity, and slightly herbal.  It pours a brilliant reddish amber, with a nice thick light tan head with excellent retention.
                Autumnal Fire is medium bodied, and slightly syrupy with medium carbonation, and light alcohol flavors.
                It tastes lightly hopped, sweet, malty and lightly toasted with a nice smooth dark fruit finish.
Autumnal Fire delivered in full, and aged nicely.  It should only get better.  GO out and pick up a bottle if you can still find it, otherwise you might have to wait until September.


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    1. Casey, I still have a few downstairs. I opened one the other day and it was still pretty solid.