Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Central Waters Exodus

A decent flemish red from Central Waters brewery tonight.  At $11.50 a bottle, it definitely isn’t cheap, but its also not the most expensive out there.  Apparently it was a limited release of 1,200 bottles according to Andy over at BeerFM so I feel lucky to have found one of the bottles at the local Sendiks.  It has an 86 on Beeradvocate and an 88 overall 40 for style on ratebeer.

According to Central Waters:
Exodus is a sour ale aged in oak barrels with the addition of Door County cherries.  Following additions of brettanomyces, lactobacillus and pediococcus during the 1 year aging process, Exodus is bottle conditioned and a prime candidate for cellaring. Store bottles upright in a cool dark environment.  When pairing cheese or meat with Exodus look for earthy flavors such camembert, fontina, sharp, blue, and cheddar to compliment this beer.  Grilled meats are also a nice addition when accompanying this fine ale.  It has a serving temperature at 45°-50° f

I say: Exodus is lightly carbonated, leaving a thin head that quickly dissipates.  It pours a nice copper color with a white head.  It has a strong sour cherry scent and has a nice sweet, sour cherry flavor with very mellow oak undertones.  It is lightly bodied, although it has an almost syrupy linger.  Potentially a higher level of carbonation would help.

I would love to age a bottle of this if only I can still find one somewhere.

This is a good sour beer that should only get better as it ages.  Hopefully someone out there will be able to taste a bottle after cellaring it for at least a year.
On a side note, should I change my reviews to more closely resembly the numeric reviews found on Beeradvocate, or keep doing what I am doing?


  1. Thank you for the kind words, sorry that it took me almost a year to respond.