Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wisconsin Homebrew Laws Heat Up

A while back, I posted a link to a story about the new law in the Wisconsin legislature that would allow home brewers to drink their home brew outside of their own houses. Such implications are that they could *Gasp* take it to sporting events, or god forbid take it to home brew club meetings.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees it like that. Unfortunately the Wisconsin Beer Distributors Association, the Wisconsin Wine and Spirit Institute, and the Tavern League are in opposition to any attempts to broaden the freedoms of home brewers because they say that it would allow home brewers to break the law by either making more than the 100 gallon allotment or that they would illegally sell their home brew, potentially to bars (?) thus hurting the business model of distributors.

 Therefore, they are afraid that allowing a home brewer to share their beer with friends and family outside the home would somehow lead to their inevitable death. Supposedly, they view home brewing in much the same way that the recording industry views music piracy, something evil that must be stopped because it hurts their bottom line. However, that parallel is simply one that does not exist.

Home brewing is a hobby, and for a few lucky home brewers, it is one that leads to owning and operating their own commercial brewery. Like any hobby, those who participate in home brewing purchase many supplies both from local and national home brewing shops. These are hobbyists supporting small businesses.  One would think that home brewers need to be celebrated and a few legislators agree.  Hopefully they all view home brewers in a favorable light, but then again this is the same Wisconsin legislature that opposed the rights of craft breweries at the urging of Miller-Coors.  So, in that light who’s to say how they might choose to vote.

Check out the article while you are at it.

Wisconsin Homebrew Laws Heat Up

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